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If you do not go out and see, you will think this is the world. The reason why the introduction of the program with the landscape, backpackers or to the poor travel the world, is to be seen in Hongxia in full bloom in the horizon in order to enjoy the first-hand gorgeous; the reason why the pictorial pictorial, or someone to desert adventure, is Because the paper can only show wonders, and sand burning and camel sounds can not be communicated to the reader through the album's senses. China travel first person Xiaopeng book "backpack ten years" there is such a word, road traveler's happiness and satisfaction - "July the Italian night wind cool, into the sleeping bag, do not feel cold. , That bright Milky Way, is the warmest quilts. "Go out on the road, the release of the weight of the yoke under the soul, indulge in the green mountains, Qingjian naturally cleansing of the mundane impurities, life style to do now.
It is a process of accumulation, and the transformation and sublimation of life begins only when that step is taken toward the outside world. With a full heart and brain, pick up the hope and hope filled with the rucksack, Yong Yong life to a jailbreak, find a good place to walk to see, with words, film or mind record on the road bit by bit , The quiet and beautiful enough to ponder life.
But the most detached a style, is the embrace of the beginning of the heart, with no battle, only a good body, nowhere to go, then everywhere, "wandering" is a symbol of the world, , When the times still load forward, and you I have shirt

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